Meet Our Grand Master



Grand Master

M.W. Abdullah Mustapha-Thomas

A Letter From Our Grand Master

First, let me take this opportunity to wish you and yours very happy, healthy and successful Masonic New Year as we begin another year in our jurisdiction, which is different than most.

Becoming the 28th Most Worshipful Grandmaster, just has to be one of the truly most significant and important events of my life. I’m truly humbled and honored to be the guardian of this magnanimous order. It is something that I won’t take lightly and vow to ensure that our jurisdiction continues to flourish and grow. I know that I have big shoes to fill, as I’ll strive to build on the legacy of the 27 masonic giants that have come this way before me. I look forward to the year, hoping and praying that God will allow and grant me and the other officers the ability to handle the responsibilities that we have been entrusted with.

I need every member of this jurisdiction to join me in bringing everyone together, “It shall be love” will be my motto.  As I try to heal all past wounds and foster trust and brotherly/Sisterly love throughout the jurisdiction.  I promise that my staff and I will be transparent throughout my tenure as I’ve adopted the theme “Transparency, Loyalty, Trust, & Love (2T2L)”.    

Yours in the Bond,


MW A.O. Mustapha-Thomas, 33°, KYGCH
28th Most Worshipful Grand Master