Prince Hall Grand Chapter Order of the Eastern Star



Grand Worthy Matron

GWM Michelle Williams

Grand Chapter Officers

DGWM Anisa Mustapha

Deputy Grand Worthy Matron


GAM Willie Kennebrew

Grand Associate Matron

April Sinclair

Grand Treasurer


Jacqueline Parker

Grand Secretary


Marcie Ireland

Grand Assistant Secretary


Amelia Starks

Grand Conductress


Angela Grant 

Grand Associate Conductress


Kellie Dixon

Grand Lecturer             


Susan Robinson 

Grand Adah


Dawn McClain

Grand Ruth  


Susan J. Briscoe

Grand CC of FC 



From Left to Right:

Grand Ruth – Dawn McClain

Grand Associate Conductress – Angela Grant

Deputy Grand Worthy Matron – Anisa Mustapha

Grand Treasurer – April Sinclair

Grand Adah – Susan Robinson

Grand Associate Patron – Damon Shine

Grand CC of FC – Susan J. Briscoe

Grand Worthy Matron – Michelle Williams

Grand Associate Matron – Willie Kinnebrew

Grand Conductress – Amelia Starks